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How to “Wake Up Like This”

As I was scrolling through my instagram the other night I saw one of my friends posted this
Image result for quote I did not wake up like this
I found this to be so interesting. It’s obviously tied to people who work out and have to work extremely hard to have a healthy weight and figure. BUT of course I had to tie it to my work with clients in the mental health field. Because this TOTALLY ties to your mental health.

I had one client that I was working with for a very long time tell me how much she’s progressed and how good she feels. I had to remind her that this didn’t just happen. Her life didn’t go from complete darkness to happiness by chance. She worked her ass off to get there, day in and day out. And the mental work you have to do to get there is so much harder than the physical!

If you wake up in the morning happy and ready to take the day then you know you’ve been doing something right. You’ve been sleeping god at night, eating healthy, relaxing more, tending to more self-care. SOMETHING is going right.

And if you suffer from anxiety/depression (whether chronic or occasional) then there are thing you HAVE to do in order to feel good and wake up like this!!

Just like someone with diabetes has to take their insulin, you too have a method you should follow. I recommend to all my clients that you write out your own prescription (and no unfortunately you cannot prescribe yourself xanax). Sit down and write on a piece of paper your Rx.

Here’s a picture of mine. I call it my “Rx to Destress”. Life can be hectic and working multiple jobs, training for two triathlons and trying to keep my hectic social life alive and happy means I have to have a plan.


Whenever I’m feeling dull, or not to my full potential I look at my rx and think about if I’ve been following this to a tee. And every single time there is something I’m missing. For me personally most the time it’s what I’m eating. My diet will slack off and I’ll notice pretty quickly that my mood and energy will do so as well.

When I wake up  full of energy and  motivation it’s not by accident. It’s with absolute hard work and focus that this occurs. I’m not naturally someone with a full tank of gas but I made a decision a long time ago that I want to be the “energizer bunny” and figured out what I have to do in order to achieve that. It’s because of what I ate the day before, how I treated my body and how I relaxed my mind. And for someone that has a diagnosis of depression/anxiety you have to work that much harder to achieve optimal results each day.
Life changes and your Rx has to follow.
Now my rx is a very fluid specimen. When I had the flu I had to alter it to be 9 hours of sleep a night and no working out for a week. If I’m traveling or have a big holiday coming up I’ll alter it to 4 vegetables a day. I make it realistic for the week. If work is crazy and I don’t have time to workout Monday- Friday then I’ll commit to 4 times that week and so forth. Alter it weekly, make it a work in progress.
Now most people don’t want to do the work needed to feel that good and I totally understand that. But give me one week. Write your prescription and do what you prescribe for 7 days. You’ll start to see (and feel) the results  that will motivate you to keep following your Rx. But force yourself for one week to do so. Everyone has to work hard to feel good. Because even Beyonce did not “wake up like this”. Don’t let her fool you.

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